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The Revolutionary New Column System
using Standard PVC water pipe

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The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in our web site. The following is a list of inquiries from column users.




Q: Can I buy caps and bases separately and use my own pipe?

A: Yes, Our dealers will sell the caps and bases separately and most will also provide the pipe as well. Our Web site should also help you in locating and choosing the right pipe to use.

Q: Is painting easy?

A: Yes, but preparation is very important. Pipe, Cap & Base should be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol based cleanser . The column can be light sanded with a 250 grit paper and then primed with Kilz or Behr primer deigned for PVC . Top coats can then be applied as you like.

Q: Are Columns Load bearing?'

A: No, but there is plenty of space in the hollow core for setting a load bearing member in place, such as 4x4 post or telepost. They can also be filled with concrete.

Q: Can columns be split and reassembled?

A: Yes. You should visit our web site for more details on this subject.

Q: What lengths are available?

A: One of the great things about PIPE Columns is that pipe comes in lengths up to 20' and can be trimed down to the desirable height from there.

Q: Will they stand up to weather?

A: Yes. Once columns are installed and painted properly they will stand and be virtually maintenance free for years to come.





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